The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee is a committee composed of student athletes willing to offer input and insight to rules, regulations and polices that affect student-athletes' lives on and off the Mars Hill University campus. This committee is now an NCAA requirement. All sports on the Mars Hill University campus are equally represented and have the ability to effect changes on the campus, in this conference and on a national level. And we will strive to make life for all collegiate athletes better.

Below are a list of the 2017-18 representatives:

Co-Presidents: Zac Brown (Baseball) & Luke Van Rijn (Men's Basketball)
Co-Vice Presidents: Leah Hairfield (Women's Soccer) & Mara Trowbridge (Women's Swimming)
Treasurer: Casey Stanek (Softball)
Secretary: Cierra Hampton (Women's Basketball)

Football: Shadow Christenson, Jordan Patterson, Tyler Stewart, Chris Leamon
Baseball: Troy Hall, Austin Marler, Kaleb McCurry, Fausto Turro
Softball: Bobbi Jones, Jordan Harris, Brittany Duncan
Volleyball: Maddie Spurgeon, Elizabeth Kaeser
Men's Basketball: Cody Hylton
Women's Basketball: Mariah Johnson
Men's Soccer: Jayson Moorman, Cam Macer
Women's Soccer: Ashley Martian, Kaitlyn Danglemaier
Men's Golf: Levi Neeson
Women's Golf: Courtney Jo Simpkins, Marie Syvertsen
Men's Lacrosse: Jayson Moorman
Women's Lacrosse: Taylor Burgess, Rebecca Dallman
Men's Cross Country: Brandon Beard, Garrett Farrimond
Women's Cross Country: Andrea Wolfrey, Danielle Dunn
Men's Track & Field: Marlon Allen, Tymothy Jones
Women's Track & Field: Shahnika Williams
Men's Tennis: Ben Reid
Women's Tennis: Jasha Geerdink
Men's Swimming: Michael Piumelli
Women's Swimming: Sallimae Blethroad