Lions earn first victory of season over Limestone

Lions earn first victory of season over Limestone

MARS HILL, N.C. - The Lions picked up their first victory of the season with a convincing performance over Limestone Saturday afternoon, winning the match 7-2.

Evan Lake, Hannah Hill and Andrea Garber won their respective singles and doubles matches.  Sophia Pelaez and Dani Potts were the other Lion singles victories on the afternoon.

Singles competition

1. Camille Haus (LCWT2018) def. Jasha Geerdink (MHUW) 6-4, 6-1
2. Evan Lake (MHUW) def. Alexandra Dolfi (LCWT2018) 6-3, 7-5
3. Sophia Pelaez (MHUW) def. Ruby Kubac (LCWT2018) 6-2, 1-6, 6-1
4. Dani Potts (MHUW) def. Alexis Ramirez (LCWT2018) 6-3, 6-2
5. Hannah Hill (MHUW) def. Meryl Litwin (LCWT2018) 6-3, 2-6, 10-8
6. Andrea Garber (MHUW) def. Violet Stilwell (LCWT2018) 6-0, 6-1

Doubles competition

1. Jasha Geerdink/Evan Lake (MHUW) def. Camille Haus/Ruby Kubac (LCWT2018) 8-2
2. Meryl Litwin/Alexis Ramirez (LCWT2018) def. Sophia Pelaez/Dani Potts (MHUW) 8-2
3. Hannah Hill/Andrea Garber (MHUW) def. Alexandra Dolfi/Violet Stilwell (LCWT2018) 8-0

Match Notes:
Limestone 0-1
Mars Hill 1-1